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Blasting Off: Experiential Learning Project and Conference

TEL Library has announced its new Experiential Learning Project, an initiative to create openly licensed learning modules that focus on knowledge mastery through course projects.  Throughout the project, TEL will be working with schools and institutions, instructors,...

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Introducing the TEL Mastery Standards To Our Learning Design

TEL Library, a non-profit educational organization based in Oklahoma City, has launched TEL Mastery Standards.  TEL Mastery Standards provides a checklist of key 21st-century skills and competencies that will be strategically mapped to every course in its catalog. TEL...

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Planning Your Life-Learning Journey

Planning Your Life-Learning Journey It can be fun to be spontaneous, to just sit back and see where life’s road will take you. That said, and as any seasoned traveler will tell you, there’s plenty of value in diligent planning for an extended trip. It can be helpful...

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