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Education brings hope.

It is the foundation for individual freedom, for helping people think independently and rationally. It is the gateway for personal and professional flourishing.

At TEL Library, we believe that no one needs the hope of education more than those in correctional centers. From diversion and reentry centers to state and federal prisons, they represent a significant segment of our society’s population. Unfortunately, it is also a segment that is both undereducated and underserved by colleges and universities.


Keeping with TEL Library’s mission of delivering affordable and accessible learning, we are currently exploring opportunities to bring hope through education to correctional centers in the U.S. We believe our courses are uniquely suited for correctional institutions.

  • TEL Library’s low-tuition — 3 hours of credit for $99 — makes a high quality education affordable for anyone
  • Our flexible course content allows us to address the unique delivery requirements associated with correctional centers
  • Our on-demand course design encourages year-round, independently-paced learning
  • Our self-paced learning model allows volunteers to mentor effectively on a part-time basis

The Discovery Phase

We have begun focused research on correctional centers in the U.S. and the currently available opportunities for education. We are researching state and federal government data, as well as interviewing government officials, directors of diverse correctional institutions, and leaders of non-profit organizations already working with the correctional-center population.

Our goal in this phase is to determine the best types of centers, the optimum content delivery and student mentoring frameworks, and the best college partners for a pilot program. This summer, we plan to select three Oklahoma locations for pilots. We will use those pilots to refine our processes and design a comprehensive program that can scale nationwide, and perhaps into other countries.


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