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As part of our commitment to affordable learning, we make free, public reference versions of all TEL Library lessons available to everyone, everywhere.

Lesson Features

Each of our lessons is designed as self-contained learning environment that provides all the context, explanation, and resources you need to learn about a specific topic. We give you the information you need in a format that helps you apply it in your daily life.


Knowing why a topic matters and and how it applies to your experience is an important part of learning anything. That’s why we make sure you have the proper context for the information we give you.

Video Overview

Every TEL Library lesson feature a video overview of the information being presented. Our videos provide helpful text callouts and a downloadable transcript.


We provide two different readings that elaborate information related to the lesson topic. The first gives you essential, objective information while the second offers a deeper look at a specific sub-topic or a view of different perspectives.


Developing a clear understanding of a topic generally requires that you spend time reflecting on the meaning or impact of its concepts and information. We facilitate this reflection with polls designed to help you create connections to the topic.



It’s easy to get tripped up on unfamiliar terms when you’re trying to learn something new. We’ve developed in-line glossary definitions of key terms to help make lessons easier to read and understand.

Toolbox Resources

We know that our lessons are simply a starting point for many learners. That’s why we provide a toolbox with related web resources for each lesson so that you can continue your learning journey on a specific topic.

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Commas for Beginners

What are commas and where should they be placed?

Category:  Critical Thinking, Writing, and Communication

Economics: Comparative Advantage

What is the advantage of depending upon others to make goods you could produce yourself?

Category:  Social Sciences

History of the Bible

How and when was the Bible written and translated?

Category:  Humanities

Homer and the Odyssey

Why has the Odyssey been so influential in Western culture?

Category: Humanities, Critical Thinking, Writing, and Communication

How Computer Software Works

What is the importance of computer software?

Category:  Social Sciences

Introductory Paragraphs

How do I introduce my argument in a way that interests my audience?

Category: Critical Thinking, Writing, and Communication

Literary Epic

How is it that a genre that originated more than 4,000 years ago remains so relevant today?

Category:Critical Thinking, Writing, & Communication –  Humanities

Managing Your Learning Experience

What does it mean to take control of my learning experiences

Category:   Critical Thinking, Writing, and Communication

Roosevelt, "The Square Deal," and the Rise of the Progressives

What progressive changes, or fixes, did Teddy institute in his presidency?

Category: Humanities

Economics of Trade

Does international trade benefit producers and consumers in countries other than America as well as it benefits Americans?

Category: Social Science

Viewing Western Civilization Through the Lens of Literature

To what extent can we know a culture by reading its literature?

Categories:Critical Thinking, Writing, & Communication – Humanities

Women's Roles and Women's Rights in Pre-Revolutionary U.S.

How were the roles and rights of women different – and changing – in the colonies?

Category: Humanities