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Grammar and Style Handbook

Grammar and Style Handbook (GSH) is a stand-alone reference supplement that provides explanations and practices for foundational grammar topics in writing. This handbook is ideal for use as a writing reference for any course, and as a companion text in composition courses.

  • Affordable price — $19 — and students retain access to the content for life
  • Lessons covering major elements of Punctuation. Grammar and Syntax, Language and Diction, and Style
  • Emphasis on the history, primary uses, and pitfalls associated with grammar topics
  • Clear presentation of rules and guidelines accompanied by real-world examples
  • Original video presentations
  • Reading sections that provide core information and specific illustrations or applications
  • Formative assessments and assignments that reinforce knowledge application and acquisition
  • Dynamic study tools, including a ¬†glossary, notes, and journal
  • A curated resource toolbox to promote ongoing literacy, learning and exploration
  • Printable versions for each lesson to support study preferences, offline access, and accessibility needs

Abridged Table of Contents

  1. Punctuation I
  2. Punctuation II
  3. Punctuation III
  4. Grammar and Syntax I
  5. Grammar and Syntax II
  6. Grammar and Syntax III
  7. Grammar and Syntax IV
  8. Language and Diction I
  9. Language and Diction II
  10. Style Guidelines

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