TEL Library Innovation


Stackable Lessons™

TEL Library uses a Stackable Lessons™ model to create stand-alone lessons for all key concepts represented in our curriculum. Because our lessons are created as independent, self-contained learning experiences, they can be easily reordered or recombined with other lessons in the library without additional content editing or sacrificing learning coherence or integrity. This makes TEL Library’s content highly flexible and extensible. Learn more.


Information Science

Our curriculum design begins with information scientists who create libraries of key concepts mapped to one or more subject domain taxonomies. These are then tagged to related concepts in our curriculum, as well as to key literacies and competencies. This granular content mapping provides a powerful yet simple framework for constructing and customizing collections and courses. Learn more.


Learning Design

TEL Library lessons are constructed as stand-alone, self-contained learning environments that provide a complete presentation of individual concepts. Each lesson is designed to deliver a premium experience that results in engaged learning. TEL Library textbooks and courses are designed for multiple delivery models, including self-paced online, instructor-led online, blended, and face-to-face environments. Learn more.