Literacies and Competencies

A Curriculum with Integrated Literacies and Competencies

TEL Library products are packaged as collections of Stackable LessonsTM that cover topics and key concepts associated with specific subject domains and courses. Beneath this product surface lies an entire curriculum framework that covers all the course areas currently planned for the TEL Library, a collection that ranges from Economics and American Government to Sociology and Christianity. Our curriculum framework also features a layer of integrated literacies and competencies that promote personal and professional flourishing in a student’s life.

Literacies and Competencies

Successful employees in the 21st century must master a range of literacies and competencies that extend well beyond the concepts presented in a given discipline. From a curriculum perspective, we believe such educational values play a fundamental role in promoting learner success, both professionally and personally. That is why we have identified a list of core literacies and competencies for 21st-century flourishing — TEL Library educational values — and have integrated them into our lessons. We place these within the meaningful and applied context of specific course topics and provide activities to practice their development.

Mapping Lesson Content to Literacies and Competencies

Our curriculum designers, content contributors, and editors place a primary emphasis on incorporating our educational values in each of our lessons. Within each product collection — mediabook or course — we work to ensure that the combined content addresses all literacies and competencies. At TEL Library, this commitment to helping learners develop applicable knowledge and skills provides a meaningful framework for structuring and presenting content.