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Introduction to Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics is a one-semester product that presents the theory and core concepts for evaluating important macro questions about economics. We feature a panel of leading experts that explain economic principles in compelling ways and with meaningful, real-world examples.

  • Affordable price — $19 — and students retain access to the content for life
  • Clear lesson introductions that introduce important concepts in Economics and tie in real-life examples that emphasize the relevance of economic thought and issues in students’ lives
  • Lesson content designed to help the students build a strong, conceptual understanding of micro-economic principles
  • Original video presentations
  • Reading sections that provide core information and specific illustrations or applications
  • Formative assessments and assignments that reinforce knowledge application and acquisition
  • Dynamic study tools, including a  glossary, notes, and journal
  • A curated resource toolbox to promote ongoing literacy, learning and exploration
  • Printable versions for each lesson to support study preferences, offline access, and accessibility needs

Abridged Table of Contents

  1. Fundamentals of Economics
  2. Political Economy
  3. Changes in Supply and Demand
  4. Imperfect Markets
  5. Labor
  6. The Entrepreneur
  7. Investing
  8. Externalities
  9. Government Intervention
  10. Regulation
  11. Macro-economics Goals and Measurement
  12. Comparative Political Economy
  13. Economic Growth
  14. The Business Cycle
  15. Money
  16. Financial Institutions and Markets
  17. Monetary Policy
  18. Government Spending
  19. Taxation
  20. Monopolies and Cartels
  21. Socialist and Mixed Economies
  22. Open Economy
  23. Poverty and Inequality
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  • Assistance with content curation and mediabook customization
  • Onboarding support for faculty and students
  • Responsive support throughout the semester to ensure teaching and learning success

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