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Student Success

Student Success is designed to prepare students for the demands of college and for success in the professional world. The mediabook emphasizes key skills such as goal setting, career planning, time management, effective listening, note-taking, and test-taking.

  • Affordable price — $19 — and students retain access to the content for life
  • One hour course covering practical approaches, tools, and techniques for success in college and as a life-long learner.
  • Overview of the culture and unique pressures of college, including campus resources, major and career goals, budgeting and scholarships, and personal health and welfare.
  • Real-world application of time management, study skills, and technology tools, as well as an introduction to critical thinking and learning theory methodologies.
  • Original video presentations
  • Reading sections that provide core information and specific illustrations or applications
  • Formative assessments and assignments that reinforce knowledge application and acquisition
  • Dynamic study tools, including a ¬†glossary, notes, and journal
  • A curated resource toolbox to promote ongoing literacy, learning and exploration
  • Printable versions for each lesson to support study preferences, offline access, and accessibility needs

Abridged Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Higher Education
  2. Personal Learning Goals and Plans
  3. Time Management
  4. Reading and Critical Thinking
  5. Study Skills
  6. Technology and Learning
  7. Life outside the Classroom
  8. Learning in the TEL Library


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  • Responsive support throughout the semester to ensure teaching and learning success

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