TEL Mastery Standards


Our online curriculum is available to high schools as a highly affordable solution for implementing early college high school concurrent and dual-enrollment courses.


Advancements in technology are leading to significant shifts in the modern workforce. Entire job sectors will be replaced by automation in the coming decade. Employers are looking for workers who are adaptable and have the foundational skills required for professional productivity in the 21st century.

So how does a student prepare for professional success with so much future uncertainty?

At TEL we’re making it easy by integrating a framework of key 21st-century skills and competencies — TEL Mastery Standards — into every course. We align this framework to our learning outcomes and mastery assignments, ensuring that students can demonstrate the skills needed for the modern working world.

TEL Mastery Standards coupled with mastery assignments allow students to produce demonstrable evidence of their learning as they work through their courses. This evidence, collected in the form of portfolio artifacts, is owned and managed by the student and can be used to chart life learning and show professional readiness to potential employers.



Foundational skills that are critical for acquiring more knowledge and developing higher-order thinking abilities. Reading, Writing, Computation, Speaking, Listening.


Higher-order thinking skills that are often associated with traditional higher education. Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Social and Cultural Fluency, Systems Thinking.


Skills attained through the application of Essential and Thinking Competencies to professional contexts. Resource Management, Self-Management, Collaboration, Leadership, Networking.

This framework maps a progression of skill development, taking learners from foundational competencies to those that can be applied professionally. Press play to explore these categories, outcomes, and how they progress. You may also click below to download.

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