Vision and Philosophy

TEL Library Vision and Philosophy

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a profound and positive impact on society by creating high-quality, learning content, and making it affordable and available to everyone.

Consistent with our vision, we are:

  • Building a library of free reference lessons to facilitate learning, both in college and beyond;
  • Utilizing a team of professionals with years of experience at regionally accredited institutions of higher education to develop the curriculum and course content;
  • Creating an integrated general education curriculum that will allow colleges and high schools to offer innovative, high quality, affordable course offerings to all markets;
  • Launching a career program to give adults — unemployed, underemployed, undereducated, unprepared for job transitions — a 21st century foundation for career success;
  • Making it possible for everyone in the U.S. to complete 60 hours of college credit for under $2,000.

Our Philosophy

Our vision is driven by a passion for high-quality education that aligns with existing accreditation standards within designated subject areas. We are committed to providing opportunities for individual success and improving our communities through learning.

Our work is guided by the following principles.


We believe that the world we inhabit is knowable, that there are objective and universal truths. We believe that the pursuit of these truths is a foundational requirement for the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Furthermore, we believe the search for truth, through inquiry and rational dialogue, leads to personal and communal flourishing.

Our committed team of subject matter experts designs balanced, engaging lessons using our innovative Stackable LessonsTM learning environment model. The quality and flexibility of our content support the pursuit of Truth appropriate to the needs of learners, instructors, and institutions.


We believe that personal and societal growth is achieved through individuals deliberating and applying knowledge — in their personal lives, communities, and businesses.  Further, we believe the creation of new knowledge by the imaginative exploration of new opportunities and frontiers is an essential condition for human progress.

We design engaged learning experiences that encourage student agency and imaginative exploration.


We believe freedom plays a pivotal role in human progress; that personal, civil, and economic liberties are essential to human flourishing. Furthermore, we believe the free and unrestricted access to knowledge about our world is a fundamental requirement for an informed and engaged citizenry.

True freedom requires access. We design high-quality content products that are affordable, scalable, and sustainable. By focusing on affordability, we are able to extend unrestricted access to knowledge in realistic and practical ways.