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We offer mediabook, course, and curriculum solutions for colleges and universities, high schools, and homeschool parents.

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TEL Library

A non-profit, public reference library providing free and affordable learning.

Affordable learning for the 21st century

Affordable Textbooks

TEL Library mediabooks are designed as high-quality, affordable alternatives to traditional textbooks. Our mediabooks are available for $19, and students retain lifetime access to the products they purchase.

Early College High School

The TEL Library curriculum is available to high schools as a highly affordable, turnkey solution for implementing early college high school programs. We provide a complete solution for $65 per course enrollment.

Curriculum Solutions for Higher Ed

TEL Library offers institutions the most flexible, customizable solution available for a general education curriculum. Our innovative Stackable Lessons™ design also supports flexible instructional delivery models, including self-paced, instructor-led online, and blended learning.

TEL Library’s Commitment to Innovation

Technology Designed for Life Learning

The TEL Library learning platform is designed to encourage learner engagement. Our lessons allow you to manage and customize your learning experience and progress, and our tools allow you to be an active participant in your learning. And, to ensure that your learning exploration endures, we give you lifetime access to both free and purchased content, as well as to your learning records.


Information Science

Our curriculum design begins with information scientists who create libraries of key concepts mapped to one or more subject domain taxonomies. These are then tagged to related concepts in our curriculum, as well as to key literacies and competencies. This granular content mapping provides a powerful yet simple framework for constructing and customizing collections and courses. Learn more.


Learning Environment Design

TEL Library lessons are constructed as stand-alone, self-contained learning environments that provide a complete presentation of individual concepts. Each lesson is designed to deliver a premium experience that results in engaged learning. TEL Library mediabooks and courses are designed for multiple delivery models, including self-paced online, instructor-led online, blended, and face-to-face environments. Learn more.


A Curriculum with Integrated Literacies and Competencies

TEL Library aligns its lessons and curriculum to 21st century literacies and competencies that help learners flourish both professionally and personally in our evolving socioeconomic environment. We map these educational values to each of our curriculum concepts and highlight their importance in each lesson. Learn More.