TEL Library Higher Education



Curriculum Licensing

TEL Library’s general education curriculum is available to institutions as a high-quality, flexible, and affordable online course catalog. These courses can be licensed with a variety of support and management options. Our curriculum’s learning design and flexibility make it ideal for a variety of programs including:


  • Self-Paced Online General Education Curriculum
  • Accelerated Self-Paced Summer Program
  • Blended Campus Program
  • Dual-Enrollment Program
  • Early College High School Program


Curriculum Licensing Options

TEL Library offers several curriculum licensing options, ranging from basic to all-inclusive.

Basic Option ($29.99 per course enrollment)

  • All course materials
  • Instructor onboarding support
  • White-label course platform with progress management for self-paced learners
  • Course platform support
  • Technology platform integration with institutional LMS*

*Through standard LTI integration

All-Inclusive Option ($99.99 per course enrollment)

All Basic Option features plus:

  • Academic Advising
  • Course administration
  • Course facilitation and student mentoring
  • Course grading and reporting
  • Course customization**
  • Course content mapped to institutional learning objectives
  • Consulting on design and delivery of online, blended, and face-to-face course using TEL Library courses

**Customization includes publishing of institution or instructor content, as well as custom packaging of lessons from TEL Library.



TEL Library textbooks are designed as high-quality, affordable alternatives to traditional textbooks. Our textbooks are available for $9.99, and students retain lifetime access to the products they purchase.

Textbook Features

  • Affordable price — $9.99 — and students retain access to the content for life
  • Original video presentations
  • Reading sections that provide core information and specific illustrations or applications
  • Formative assessments and assignments that reinforce knowledge application and acquisition
  • Dynamic study tools, including a  glossary, notes, and journal
  • A curated resource toolbox to promote ongoing literacy, learning, and exploration