About TEL Library

TEL Library is a non-profit organization committed to facilitating equitable access to high-quality, affordable learning in the U.S. We achieve this mission by delivering college-level courses and curriculum services in partnership with accredited institutions and training organizations.

Our vision, along with the diverse needs of the institutional partners and individual learners we serve, has led us to design a differentiated set of content and services that focus on:

  • An integrated curriculum model
  • Processes, products, and services engineered specifically for sustainable affordability
  • A single learning design model that facilitates a wide range of delivery/instruction options, including self-paced online, instructor-led online, blended classrooms, and traditional classrooms
  • Product formats that support ubiquitous access

TEL content is designed intentionally as part of a common, integrated curriculum that takes advantage of our Stackable LessonsTM content model. This flexible curriculum model allows us to address a wide assortment of educational needs both efficiently and cost-effectively. This includes the needs of:

  • Public and private high schools looking to implement early college high school through concurrent, and dual-enrollment courses
  • Higher education institutions wanting to provide cost-effective, affordable general education solutions for college and high school students
  • Institutions struggling with instructional resource issues, enrollment declines, and/or other economic challenges
  • Homeschool parents wanting to provide their high school students with high-quality, all-inclusive courses that allow them to earn college credit
  • Individual learners who are underserved, economically disadvantaged, and/or in resource-deficient areas
  • Anyone needing an easy and affordable way to begin their post-secondary educational journey

TEL Library is a division of the TEL Foundation, a public charity headquartered in Oklahoma.


Vision and Philosophy

Our vision is a world where cost will no longer be a barrier to quality college education for any student, anywhere, anytime. Learn more. 



TEL Library incorporates education innovation through Stackable LessonsTM, information science, learning design, and a curriculum with integrated literacies and competencies. Learn more. 

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